Pierrick and Anette Mathieu
Powerling co-founders

"Conscious of our responsibility towards society and the environment, we are constantly putting new measures in place to positively impact our environment.

As a family business, we are deeply committed to the transmission of our values and the promotion of mutual respect. Our core mission is to pass on to future generations a world that respects women and men and preserves the natural resources that surround us.

To the best of our ability, we strive to act as an agent for positive change, fulfilling our responsibility to set a shining example for others."

We are b corp certified!

Officially certified since July 2023, our recognition as a B Corp company strengthens our position as a proven expert in global content management. In this role, we strive to expand our influence as a positive agent for meaningful change in furtherance of a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative world.

For Powerling, obtaining B Corp certification marks an important milestone in our history. We are determined to continue on this principled path and strengthen our commitments to transparency, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our quest to become ever more responsible and sustainable as a company is a priority that we are resolved to follow through on.

Professional development and training

Every staff member should look forward to beginning the workday each morning. At Powerling, we promote an engaging and collaborative work environment where active listening and open-minded consultation are encouraged and where every employee feels valued.

We recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Time for rest and relaxation is provided to each employee during each workday and throughout the year.

Powerling constantly increases the expertise level of its teams through traditional training programs, according to the needs of each individual, as well as internal training. Sharing and making knowledge available from "those who know" to "those who do not yet know" is the rule at Powerling.

Collective wisdom is highlighted every week at Powerling through lunch gatherings featuring brainstorming sessions on a wide variety of topics, mainly around the latest innovations and best practices in the industry.

Equal opportunity, respect for diversity, and inclusiveness

We are an inclusive company and are committed to full social integration. We respect others and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, nationality, physical disability, color, race, social status, religion, or political opinion.

Powerling stands for gender equality. We are mindful to maintain a balance of women and men at all levels throughout the company.

This balance is reflected in our two co-founders, Pierrick Mathieu and Anette Van de Loo, who are married and manage the company in partnership.

Employee well-being

At our head office, the desks are adjustable in height, allowing employees to work both sitting and standing. This improves concentration and promotes well-being in the long term. Each office workstation is equipped with ergonomic chairs, a double screen, and private storage.

Our office environment features welcoming spaces with a large, fully-equipped kitchen and individual tables.

The Powerling France teams have access to a foosball table, a private, state-of-the-art workout room, and showers, allowing staff to engage in athletic activity in the morning before work, during lunch breaks, or at the end of the day.

Anti-corruption and conflict of interest

For both our clients and partners, we enforce strict compliance with regulations on bribery and conflicts of interest.

We do not accept any gesture from our partners and subcontractors that could be interpreted as an incentive to collaborate or to encourage collaboration.

Similarly, we do not approach our clients to encourage collaboration with us in exchange for any benefits.

Fair competition

We advocate for equal opportunities and select our service providers solely on the basis of how adequately the services needed align with the services offered.

Without reservation, Powerling adopts and supports the principle of fair competition and prohibits all unfair practices, such as price fixing, exclusive contracts, engagement with cartels, etc.


In order to ensure compliance with regulatory, operational, and contractual requirements, Powerling is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all company assets involving physical or electronic information.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Each Powerling supplier is required to abide by our code of ethics, which is based on the values of quality, transparency, honesty, respect, and non-discrimination.

Additionally, in order to prevent support of undeclared work, once per year, we require all our suppliers based in France to provide us with a certificate of vigilance issued by the URSSAF, which attests to ongoing compliance in the payment of social security contributions.

Powerling is also actively committed to supporting the Dutch Covenant and acting in accordance with its guidelines. We ensure that our operations meet high standards of open communication, fair treatment, transparency and compliance with agreements.

Community involvement and sponsorship

The end-of-year gifts to the French teams are purchased from the association LEO Club Lille Pévèle Mélantois, which distributes winter kits to help out people in need.

Powerling supports French heritage with a skills sponsorship of more than 8,000 euros, which was renewed for 2022 with the Fondation Notre Dame.

Support for adaptive or inclusive companies

Whenever possible, Powerling is committed to working with companies that hire the disabled or unemployed. This is the case with EA'TERS Entreprise Adaptée, where we buy our snacks and treats, and Solidarité Informatique, who we have entrusted with the recycling and reuse of our computer equipment. Both of these adaptive companies employ disabled people and promote reintegration into the workplace.

At Powerling, we are convinced that each one of us, to the best of our ability, must act to minimize our impact on the environment. We believe that our company must be exemplary, which is why we continually encourage staff to adopt environmentally responsible practices, strive for a cleaner world, and increase their respect for the environment.

Our environmental charter states that respect for the environment is not a hindrance to development but instead a factor of growth. This is because it promotes the company's image and unites all participants around a set of shared values.

Reducing our paper consumption

  • We use recycled paper and double-sided printing.
  • We only print emails when absolutely necessary.
  • We limit printed correspondence and exchange our data electronically in most situations.
  • We print in black and white rather than in color.
  • We reuse printed paper as drafts.
  • Most filing is done electronically.

Reducing our consumption of electricity

  • Our office environments feature energy-efficient LED lighting in all private and common areas.
  • In the evening and on weekends, all computer equipment, appliances, and the Wi-Fi terminal are switched off completely, not just put on standby.
  • During colder months, we set the thermostat to a maximum temperature of 19°C/66°F.

Reduction, sorting, and recycling of waste products

  • All waste products are sorted, and each office area has its own garbage receptacle.
  • Printer cartridges are recycled by a specialist.
  • We recycle all supplies.
  • We do not use disposable tableware made of plastic or cardboard. We limit ourselves to reusable tableware made of earthenware, glass, stainless steel, etc.
  • All our cleaning products are selected according to their impact on the environment.

Optimizing our trips

When possible, we prefer to walk or take public transport. To minimize distances travelled, we group according to geographical area as many of our in-person appointments as we can. And when feasible, we gather remotely through online meetings.

Selection of green suppliers and providers

The environmental approach of potential suppliers and service providers forms a key factor in our selection process. To the extent possible, we are committed to working with companies located in close proximity to our office locations.

NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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