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An in-house IT team

An in-house IT team

In order to quickly and successfully adapt to constantly evolving market demands, Powerling understands the critical importance of having our own IT team, our own software, and our own computer tools. Our developers, experienced at seamlessly integrating themselves into the processes and environment of each client, are committed to assisting you with all your technical projects.

An easy integration

An easy integration

To facilitate and secure the transfer of your content, we have developed a broad array of customized connectors using platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Akeneo, and others. And if one doesn't already exist, our developers can create a personalized solution adapted to your tools.

Security and strict confidentiality

Security and strict confidentiality

We guarantee total confidentiality of your content. All of our linguists sign NDAs, we maintain a strict protocol for sending and receiving encrypted documents, and we host 100% of your documents on our internal servers.

Your brand awareness has no borders!

As your trusted partner for localizing all your multilingual marketing content, we'll maximize the impact of your brand image internationally.

Nobody understands your business and area of expertise better than you do. When we communicate about your products or services, we do so with the requisite passion and the most appropriate and effective words. At Powerling, our team of branding experts takes the time to understand fully what makes your business tick. This empowers them to make the right choices in each target language, maximizing the impact of your brand image internationally.

A multilingual SEO strategy that increases your visibility

Your performance on the web depends in part on your targeted marketplaces and your ranking on search engines. Duplicating your initial SEO strategy rarely leads to top performance in online searches. Our experts will consult with you to develop customized, country-specific SEO strategies that will help your content rank higher.

A multilingual SEO strategy will enable you to:

  • Improve your ranking on search engines.
  • Exponentially increase your online visibility.
  • Get a clearer picture of online search habits in each target country.
  • Understand the positioning strategies of your competitors.
Visibility audit of your website

How well do you perform in targeted countries? Is your approach successful? Our experts will advise you and estimate the potential ROI from your SEO initiatives.

Study of online search habits

Keywords that perform well in one country may not necessarily perform well in another. When making a strategic selection of key terms, buying habits in each country must be carefully considered.

SEO optimization of your content

When it comes to your industry's technical terminology, you're the expert. But are you sure about which keywords your target audience typically uses to find you on Google? An SEO analysis can be an essential first step for increasing targeted traffic to your website.

Article writing for SEO

Once your SEO strategy for each targeted country has been fine tuned, our multilingual SEO writers can begin creating all the articles you'll need for the search queries where you want to appear.

We translate and localize your website in real time

The localization of your website is essential to ensure your international development. However, updating a multilingual site can present a real and continuous challenge. To overcome this, Powerling connects directly to your CMS to maximize efficiency and avoid time-consuming manual import/export steps. We are compatible with the most popular CMS platforms on the market, such as WordPress and Drupal, but we can also connect to other tools as needed.

We localize your applications, tools, and software, regardless of your technology

We can help you localize your media by supporting your native formats or by connecting directly to your development interface. If you already have a TMS (translation management system) solution integrated into your tools, we can easily connect to it. Powerling and Lokalise are compatible with one another! Depending on your needs, we can also advise you on the most appropriate TMS solution for you and assist you with its setup.

In order to produce the most accurate and effective translations possible, we also offer to proofread the initial translation work in context, just as your customers would see the content.

For regular updates to your content, our language tools quickly detect new content to be processed, avoiding tedious reintegration steps and unnecessary expenses.

Our services for your technological content

We are their trusted partner

Together, let's consult on your projects

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