Translation and writing

Every day, thousands of pages are translated around the world. Translation bridges cultural gaps and promotes international development. Powerling selects translators with expertise in a wide range of fields so that each document is translated as accurately as possible. Although they come from different professional backgrounds, the linguists we collaborate with all have one thing in common, which is their careful attention to detail.

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These days, audiovisual media forms a key part of cutting-edge communication strategies. Our studio service accompanies you in the internationalization of your audiovisual content. We do this by carefully taking into account your requirements and values and skillfully communicating your brand's message across borders. Powerling's studio service provides you with personalized solutions adapted to your specifications, expectations, and requirements.

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We support you in the development and management of your international digital strategy. We likewise partner with you in the use of adaptive technology. From the localization of websites and applications to the creation of digital content and the refinement of your SEO strategy, we take a 360-degree view to ensure that your digital presence is successful in every country where you operate. We also develop in-house technologies to connect to your interfaces and facilitate the work between your teams and our linguists.

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NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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