Providing expert translation since 1998, Powerling is the partner you can count on for all your internationalization projects. To ensure accurate and natural translations, we assign linguists who are both specialists in your particular industry area and native speakers of their respective target languages. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive and personalized support, meeting your requirements at every stage of your translation project, and adapting our range of language services to your specific needs.


Our copywriting service will help you communicate clearly, within your branding guidelines, in any language. No matter your circumstances, Powerling can be your best partner for creating and expanding your content.


Our language professionals can improve your documents by checking spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and overall style in any language or subject area.


Review is when your document has been translated by a professional and is then looked over by a second professional who is an expert in the subject matter. The reviewer compares the source and target files to ensure that the final version correctly conveys the original message while maintaining the style.


A proofreader checks a translation without comparing it to the source text. If the document is ready to be printed, we offer to check it for typos, spelling, grammar or syntax errors.

Terminology management

With our computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool, we are able to create databases containing your terminology, making translations faster and more consistent.

This service is particularly beneficial for organizations that have their own specialized terms.

Style guides and editorial charters

These guides lock in the standardization of all terminology in every document you entrust to us. In addition to establishing standards for every professional writer, translator, and editor involved, they simplify and accelerate the quality control phase.

Machine translation and post-editing

Our machine translation and post-editing service is a smart and economical alternative for translating large volumes.

With cutting-edge machine translation tools, terminology dictionaries, and post-editing by our experienced language experts, we can guarantee quick turnarounds within your budget.

Sworn translations

Also called certified translation, sworn translation is translation certified by a language expert.

For this reason, a sworn document is generally recognized by political, administrative, and legal authorities. Since it has been certified as conforming to an original document, sworn translation possesses an official character and is generally accepted by authorities worldwide for a variety of purposes.

Legal translations

To translate your contracts, terms and conditions, and any other legal content, we work with expert legal translators, some of whom are former lawyers or jurists. There is of course no room for error in the translation of your legal content! Our teams take special care to use the most appropriate terms and expressions for each particular legal context. And as necessary and appropriate, we also adapt your content to the regulations in force in the country where the target language is spoken.

Financial translations

Your URD, your semi-annual reports, and all communications sent to your shareholders and partners are the window to the financial health of your company. You don't want to mix up income statements, balance sheets, or EBITDA! Our specialized translators adapt your content using the most appropriate terminology.


Localization, which adapts translated text to the cultural and behavioral characteristics of each country or region, is essential for presenting content that's appropriate for speakers of the target language. Now more than ever, localization is indispensable for the effective internationalization of products and services. Commercial success abroad demands fully localized content that carefully takes into account common usage habits and purchasing behaviors. You can count on our localization experts to help you successfully conquer new markets.

Localization will help you to:

  • Reach and inform new customers more effectively.
  • Increase your company's visibility.
  • Enhance customer experiences with accurate, informative, and culturally relevant content.
  • Provide users with translated text that flows so naturally, they'll assume it was originally written in their language.


Since literal translations simply won't do for your marketing content, we recommend our transcreative approach. Our masterful linguists and communication experts will apply their creative talents to captivating and engaging your international customers!

Adapt your taglines

Everyone recalls catchy taglines. Your trademarked tagline should be memorable. Let Powerling help you develop a brand that everyone remembers.

Adapt your brand name or product

Sometimes, in another language, a name based upon a particular sound or consisting of a play on words means absolutely nothing or even has an undesirable connotation. To avoid these mistakes, our teams can help you adapt your brand or product names to your international markets!

Adapt your marketing content

Your approach to your content has a huge impact on brand loyalty and sales. People more commonly choose a product because an ad resonates with them, not just because they like the packaging. Our experts work with you to perfect your content and adapt it to your targeted markets!


The generation of targeted content can present considerable challenges. But not to worry. Professional content writing forms an integral part of our language services. From instruction manuals to product descriptions or other marketing content, our writing experts are ready to imagine and create the targeted content you need!

Writing of instruction manuals

We assist our retail and manufacturing clients to write and modify their instruction manuals. Using as our starting point a supplier's manual, an older version of a manual, the product itself, or a blank page, we can help you produce content adapted for your products and your users!

Product descriptions

If you frequently release and sell your products on the Internet, you may face challenges in producing the associated product descriptions in a timely manner. No need to panic! Our teams are standing by to handle your content creation requests.

Marketing and digital content

Newsletters, online correspondence, social media content, white papers, and more. Click here to learn more!

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